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Pastoral Care

The goal of our Pastoral Ministry Team at Cathedral Parish is to serve the spiritual needs of our parishioners. We want to visit you, pray with you, bring you Holy Communion, and walk with you through loss or grief. We want to be with you, caring for you in your need. We want to make sure you have access to the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist (Holy Communion) and the Anointing of the Sick. This is our goal: to serve you.

“Visiting the Sick” is a Work of Mercy. When you are in the hospital or in a long-term care facility, and you want to know your parish family is caring for you, praying for you, and coming to visit you, this is when you call us! We will pray for you at daily Mass, and come to visit. We are not too busy! But, you do have to call, either for yourself or a loved one.

Because of privacy issues in our world today, many hospitals are not able to inform us when a parishioner is there. Even when you register at the hospital and give the Cathedral as your parish, this information may not be passed along to us. The situation is easily remedied. Simply call us directly (715-392-8511) or ask the hospital’s chaplain, the volunteer Communion Minister, or your nurse to contact us at Cathedral. They graciously do this.

Here are some ways to receive pastoral care in the hospital.

To receive Holy Communion--

You may ask for Holy Communion from volunteers who minister at all the hospitals. They come to each Catholic patient, at least every other day, sometimes every day.

To be Anointed by a priest--

Ask your nurse to contact the priest on call at that hospital, or you may call Cathedral (715-392-8511).

For a visit from our Pastoral Care Team--

You may ask any nurse or aide to call the Cathedral for you. We will connect with you.

Home-bound Parishioners

If you are home-bound after a surgery or illness, you may ask for someone on our Ministry Team to come and bring you Communion or just come to visit. For all the above concerns, the important number is

Cathedral’s Parish Office --- 715-392-8511 Ask for Janette

We hope this is helpful to you in getting the care your faith community here at Cathedral so wants to give you.

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