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Bible Study

The bible topics are meant to give us more knowledge of God. The various topics (scripture, theology, etc.) encourage group discussion help us grow in our faith together as a community.



                                            by Jeff and Emily Cavins


WHEN:  Wednesdays, 5:30- 7:00PM & Thursdays, 9:30- 10:30AM

WHERE:  Kress Hall.


September 13/14 Session 1: Living on Purpose

Live your life with new purpose with this first session, in which you are introduced to the "Walking Toward Eternity" program, educated on the vital parts on this program, and framework your struggles for the need of conversion.

September 20/21Session 2: Engaging Your Appetites

All things are good in moderation. This session helps you take the first steps in engaging your appetites constructively by showing the consequences of engaging in unchecked inclinations. It also offers solutions to become stewards.

September 27/28 Session 3: Engaging Your Shame

You are not the sum of your sin because there is good news with the Lord Jesus. This session shows you how to engage your shame by exposing its origins, distinguishing between good shame and bad shame, and revealing God's answer of love.

October 4/5 Session 4: Engaging Your Envy

Envy is ugly and dangerous, and by the end of this session you will want to eradicate this poison from your life. You are introduced to this attack on all things good, discover the source of envy, and recognize the results and remedy to envy.

October 11/12 Session 5: Engaging Your Anger

Anger is an accelerated emotion that can lead to virtue or vice. This session properly defines anger, pinpoints the difference between good anger and bad anger, and offers practical steps to confronting and controlling this irritated passion.

October 18/19 Session 6: Engaging Your Fear

This session focuses on the fear that holds you back from walking simply with the Lord. Take the first steps in controlling and conquering your fear, so that your angst may be transformed into trust in God and his love for you.

October 25/26 Session 7: Engaging Your Loneliness

Man is made for communion, which is why this session on engaging your loneliness is so opportune for everyone who is human. You uncover the roots of loneliness, expose the danger in living with this struggle, and deal with this suffering by turning your hearts to God.

November 1/2 Session 8: Engaging Your Hopelessness

There is tremendous consolation in this last session of "Walking Toward Eternity" because there is hope for the hopeless. You see the biblical view of hope as the guiding principle for our lives and how to overcome difficulty in times of anguish.

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